Philosophy Colloquia

Sally Haslanger
Oct 9, 3-5pm

Myisha Cherry 
(UC Riverside) 
Nov 20, 2-4pm
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Title: Racialized Forgiveness

I shall introduce a concept that I refer to as ‘racialized forgiveness.’

Cases that exemplify certain conditions which I take as paradigmatic of the problem of racialized forgiveness includes instances in which: (a) Who is forgiven and not is determined by the race of the offender; (b) Praise and criticisms of forgiveness are determined by the race of the victim; and (c) Praise and criticisms of forgiveness are, at least
implicitly, racially self-serving. I argue that the practice of it is morally objectionable because of its psychological origins, moral failures, and negative effects. Accordingly, in order to dodge these dimensions, I’ll claim we need to practice forgiveness differently.

Helen De Cruz
Saint Louis University 
Nov 6, 3-5pm

Alex Guerrero
Rutgers University
Feb. 19, 12-2 p.m.

Title: The Case for Lottocracy

Electoral representative democracy has had a pretty good run, but the basic mechanism at its core—the election—is broken and can’t be fixed.  Modern policy complexity, mass ignorance, news media as infotainment, deepening echo chambers, widening division and distrust, and the dissolution of epistemic common ground—among other problems—have rendered most modern electoral democracies incapable of avoiding near-complete capture.  As a result, most modern electoral democracies are non-functional or worse—incapable of helping us to solve the urgent problems we face.  In this talk, I detail these concerns and attempt to move us past the Churchillian shrug by introducing a new form of democratic government: the lottocracy.  Although lottocratic systems incorporate many new elements, perhaps the most striking is the shift from using representatives selected through election to using representatives selected through random lottery.  In the talk, I discuss both the promise of lottocratic systems and potential objections to them.  

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Laurie Paul
Yale University
March 5, 3-4:30 p.m.

Thi Nguyen
University of Utah 
April 7th, 3-5 p.m.