Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificate

Asian Studies

The flexibility of two tracks allows you to choose a geographic region that is of most interest to you. Whether you choose the East Asia track or Southeast Asia track, this certificate complements your current graduate degree and prepares you for a variety of careers.


History, MA

Pursue topics which spark your passion, and study the geographic locations and time periods that interest you. The intensive coursework allows you to acquire skills for whatever career you decide to pursue.

Cultivate a strong background in historical research methodology and scholarly analysis. Your skills in text analysis, research and writing acquired from systematic examination of many issues relevant to today's society prepare you to enter the competitive workforce.

Graduate Certificate

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Have you ever wondered where the phrase "never forget" comes from? Through the study of the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity, you will gain a foundation to educate others and assess responses to genocides in the world today.

By learning the teachings of philosophy and current philosophical topics, you are preparing for a future in education or in the workforce with foundational skills that support philosophical thinking.

With access to top philosophical thinkers, you can earn an interdisciplinary doctorate in your choice of fields, such as law, medicine, religion and politics, that enables you to make an impact on the world.

Go beyond the history and foundation of the world's religions to look at comparative topics that put religion in the forefront of many modern-day themes. In this master's degree program, you can receive a broad understanding of all religions.

Gain a firm understanding of the role religion plays in today's world and the expertise that prepares you for careers in academia and beyond.

ASU faculty, historians of the National WWII Museum, and valuable archival resources provide you with an in-depth understanding of the effects of World War II on current and future world events. This first-of-its-kind online program is a distinct partnership between ASU and the National WWII Museum.