Asian Studies

Add an Asian studies certificate to your bachelor's degree. A general overview of Asian culture and history can complement fields of research that interest you, such as art, technology, finance and law.

Prepare to meet the challenges of the future in this unique and innovative degree program in which you improve your cultural competence and harness new and emerging technology to develop humanistic solutions for environmental, societal and global issues.



Ethics are the foundation of many legal and political systems. Pair your bachelor's degree with the study of ethics in order to become a better philosophical thinker who can solve ethical problems.



Complement your current degree with a foundational background in history, selecting from an assortment of topics, like international history or the history of college sports. Exploring the past prepares you for the future in any career you choose.


Islamic Studies

Enrich your understanding of this major religion, from its history and culture to current events, and gain cultural competence that can serve you well in future endeavors.


Jewish Studies

Gain a deeper understanding of Jewish history and religion, Jewish interactions with majority cultures, and the Jewish contribution to contemporary society, and enhance your historical and cultural appreciation for Jews and Judaism, through this globally focused program.



If you have a curious mind, add a philosophy minor to your degree program. Reading comprehension combined with logical reasoning and writing skills create a well-informed citizen and prepare you for the workplace.

Don't just talk about your career plans; act on them now. Learn from guest speakers from a variety of career fields, through courses and optional weekly dialogue series, and take advantage of faculty members who work with you on resumes, internships, job opportunities and graduate school.

When you understand the crucial role of religion in both conflict and peace, you'll gain a broad knowledge of human division and unity. This understanding and the skills you learn in the program will be assets when pursuing your choice of career.

Explore religious traditions around the world while also examining human interactions within and among those traditions. Develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of various cultures, both of which can accompany and enrich any degree you are currently pursuing.

Explore the vast and culturally diverse region of Russia, East Europe and Eurasia. A multifaceted plan of study offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture. Students are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities to learn an in-demand but less commonly taught language such as Persian, Turkish or Ukrainian.

Whether it's in intense fandoms, age-old rivalries, records being broken by athletes, or political controversies, sports have become embedded into everyday life. Delve deep into the human aspect of sports --- its historical background, the ethics and the cultural significance --- that affects fans and athletes alike.

The logic of mathematics and computing is combined with the deep-thinking process of philosophy in this program that challenges both your right and left brain to prepare you for future goals with skills in language, theory and logic.