Immerse yourself in the history of East Asia, from the Forbidden City of China to the mountain temples of Japan. Study the histories of bustling cities in this region and gain insight into the culture today while also preparing for your future career.

Explore the history of South Asia, from the Ganges River of India to the ancient cultures of Pakistan. Examination of transdisciplinary issues of the past gives you a clear understanding of current and future matters in South Asia, an understanding that complements any career you pursue.

Dive deep into the history of Southeast Asia, from the beaches of Vietnam to the ornate temples of Thailand. Explore the region through transdisciplinary courses and examine contemporary political, social and cultural issues in Asia to gain a strong understanding that aids in any career you pursue.

Learn about the past while preparing for your future. In one of the largest undergraduate history programs in the country, you can explore a variety of time periods and regions, from Ancient Greece to modern Mexico, and topics such as sports, engineering and health.

If you love history and have dreams of becoming a history teacher, this program is perfect for you. It combines education courses with a deep exploration into history and an emphasis on honing writing, reading comprehension and verbal skills to prepare you for a variety of careers in addition to education.

Explore Jewish life and history by examining topics from religious and spiritual values to political and philosophical viewpoints. Study the history and modern life of the Jewish religion while developing an understanding of Jewish contributions to Western civilization.

Strengthen your foundational skills, such as reading comprehension, and develop skills in reasoning and argument construction to become a better thinker. Studying philosophy prepares you to answer moral and ethical questions that relate to a variety of careers.

Liberty, equality and justice are the basis of many legal systems. Combining courses of philosophy, law, politics and policy enables you to tackle these topics, and when moral questions arise concerning politics and law, you will be able to explore the answers philosophically.

Natural and social sciences raise interesting philosophical questions. How do science and pseudo-science differ? Can a physical system be conscious? How should we think about climate change and new technologies? Combine your interest in science, nature and the mind with philosophical thinking to better understand our complex world.

Look around and you will see religion everywhere. By studying a variety of materials, you gain an understanding of the role of religion in shaping the past, present and future of human societies and cultures, an understanding which will aid you in any field you decide to pursue.

Religion, politics and global affairs are intertwined, influencing topics such as public health and migration that affect the daily lives of humans. This program allows you to explore questions regarding religion and its relationship with governments and ethics. With a foundation in religious studies, you are able to solve real-world problems in a multitude of careers.