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Immerse yourself in another culture

As a student in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University, you have access to a number of study abroad programs. These programs are a great way to gain a global perspective and an increased appreciation for the history, philosophy and religion of different cultures. Our programs will complement your studies and give you firsthand experience outside the classroom. 

Learn how studying abroad can enhance your humanities degree and specific programs by visiting the ASU Study Abroad website below. 

Study Abroad website

Featured study abroad programs

Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice in Israel

The Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice program is a unique academic track offered at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. This one-of-a-kind undergraduate program presents a holistic and comprehensive perspective on the Negev Desert through the combination of past, present and future. Touching on ecological, economic, social, cultural and political aspects of this beautiful desert region, it allows students to realize firsthand the challenges of sustainable development while being guided by top professionals and researchers in the field.


Study Abroad Program in Oxford, England

Our study abroad program in Oxford gives you a chance to study the humanities while experiencing the rich traditions of Oxford life, such as living in residence at St. Michael’s Hall at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and having access to a campus of stunning, historic buildings, museums and gardens. Each summer, a University of Oxford faculty member teaches a Shakespeare in Performance course to rave reviews. The program includes a choice of two courses, course sessions three days a week plus a day of excursions to local sites related to your studies and three-day weekends for your own exploration.