ASU Chapter of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

Mission Statement 

In the short term, MAP provides a forum for students to discuss topics concerning minorities and philosophy and connect with interested peers. In the long term, we hope that MAP will contribute to improved department cultures and facilitate increased participation of underrepresented groups in academic philosophy. 

About Us

MAP is a collection of students in philosophy departments that aims to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. Though primarily led by graduate students, MAP also relies on faculty support and encourages undergraduate participation. Currently, MAP has 134 chapters throughout the world. 

Through MAP's network, students can exchange ideas on topics related to minorities and philosophy, meet and support peers, and learn from other philosophy departments. MAP chapters can choose to provide their respective departments with regular feedback on the department climate. 

Each chapter aims broadly at addressing (a) minority issues in the profession, (b) theoretical issues regarding philosophy of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, disability, native language, etc, and (c) philosophy done from minority perspectives. Meeting formats include: external or internal speakers, reading groups, film screenings, mentorship events for undergraduates or graduates, panel discussions, practical workshops (e.g., on communication techniques, navigating stereotype threat or implicit bias).

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Membership in MAP is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who share interests in improving the state of the discipline of philosophy through representation and examination of diverse topics from diverse perspectives. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in a philosophical community
  • Promotion of issues and identities that are underrepresented in philosophy
  • International support for these communities and their allies

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ASU Chapter Board of Representatives

Graduate Students

Chair: Aubrial Harrington 
Aubrial Harrington is a philosophy PhD student at Arizona State University in her fourth year. Her research focuses on borders and the positionality of undocumented Latina immigrants. She specializes in feminist, critical, social, and political philosophy and applied ethics. She earned her BA from Northern Arizona University in Politics, Philosophy and Law with minors in economics and classical studies. She also has a certificate in creative writing. 

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Graduate Student Member: Angela Barnes 
Angela Barnes is a Philosophy PhD student studying technology, wellbeing, and addiction. She is researching how the dependencies that we have on our smartphones (among other things) change the way that we interact with the world around us, and what that means for our own flourishing. Moreover, she is interested in the question of how we can cut back when we realize we have gone too far. Her BA in Philosophy is from THE Ohio State University. She is also the director of ASU's High School Philosophy Summer Camp. When not in her office, she can often be found out on the Salt River.

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Undergraduate Students

Elections for the Undergraduate Representative: For undergraduate students who are interested in this role please submit a paragraph stating your qualifications and interest in the role along with a CV to with “MAP REP” in the subject line. 

Faculty Advisor
Michelle Saint

Michelle Saint received a PhD in philosophy in 2010, and a Masters of Counseling in 2020. Her philosophic interests are focused on narrative storytelling and the social, interpersonal, and psychological value of stories. She teaches classes that focus on skills-acquisition, and she strives towards anti-racist pedagogy. She has three small and very cute dogs.

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Rachel Levit Ades -- Accessibility Consultant

Bio: Rachel works to ensure all MAP events are accessible and inclusive, and serves as the point person for accommodations. She is training as an ADA coordinator. Rachel is also a Philosophy PhD student and member of MAP. 

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Contact Us

For any questions please contact Aubrial Harrington at

For questions or requests regarding event accessibility please contact Rachel Levit Ades, our accessibility consultant, at