The School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at ASU is committed to maintaining excellence in the major fields of philosophy and to emphasizing its contemporary relevance as well as to participating in innovative programs that connect philosophy to other areas of inquiry. 

Arizona State University encourages cross-disciplinary studies, and our strengths are complemented by those in other departments and colleges within ASU.

Armendt, Brad (Associate Professor) - epistemology of rational belief, rational choice, philosophy of science

Blackson, Thomas (Associate Professor) - ancient philosophy and issues connected to artificial intelligence and rationality

Calhoun, Cheshire (Professor) - normative ethics, moral psychology, feminist philosophy, and lesbian and gay studies

De Marneffe, Peter (Professor) - liberty and liberalism, individual rights, and government paternalism

DesRoches, Tyler (Assistant Professor) – environmental philosophy, economics, philosophy of science, sustainability

Kung, Peter (Associate Professor) - philosophy of mind, imagination, epistemology

McGregor, Joan (Professor) - ethics of sustainability, food justice, legal philosophy, practical philosophy  

Nair, Shyam (Assistant Professor) - ethics, epistemology, philosophical logic, philosophy of language

Phillips, Ben (Assistant Professor) - perception, social cognition, theory of mind

Pinillos, N. Angel (Associate Professor) -  philosophy of language, epistemology, experimental philosophy, and related areas

Portmore, Douglas (Professor) -  morality, rationality, and the interconnections between the two, also well-being, posthumous harm, and the non-identity problem 

Priest, Maura (Assistant Professor) - youth mental health, public and community health, ethical theory, political philosophy

Reynolds, Steven (Professor) -  true belief, the nature of justification, the internalism/externalism controversy, skepticism