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PhD Placements


Rebecca Baird
Dissertation: ‘Where the Flower Children Gathered’: The Los Angeles Free Clinic, 1967-75
Advisor: Matthew Garcia
Instructor, Porterville College

Farina King
Dissertation: The Journey of Diné Students in the Four Directions: Navajo Educational Experiences in the 20th Century
Advisor: Don Fixico
Clements Postdoctoral Fellow, SMU

William Kiser
Dissertation: Alternative Slaveries and American Democracy: Indian Captivity and Mexican Peonage in the Civil War Era Southwest
Advisor: Don Fixico
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Evan Medley
Dissertation: Place, Power, and Memory at Fort Union National Monument
Advisor: Don Fixico
Historical Analyst, Research Archives, Salt River Project

Sabrina Thomas
Dissertation: The Value of Dust: Policy, Citizenship and Vietnam’s Amerasian Children

Advisor: Kyle Longley
Assistant Professor, Wabash College


Rebecca Andersen
Dissertation: Between Mountain and Lake: an Urban Mormon Country
Advisor: Susan Gray 

Assistant Clinical Professor, Arizona State University

Monika Bilka
Dissertation: Remaking a People, Restoring a Watershed: Klamath Tribal Empowerment through Natural Resource Management, 1960-2010
Advisor: Don Fixico
Associate Professor, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Victoria Jackson
Dissertation: Title IX and the Big Time: Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1950-1992
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
Lecturer, Arizona State University

Joan Miller
Dissertation: Shared Tears: Navy Chaplains with Marines in Vietnam, 1962-1972
Advisor: James Rush
Pastor, St. Matthew United Methodist Church, Mesa, AZ

Jean-Marie Stevens
Dissertation: Re-Shaping History with Nobility: Conservatives and the American Memory of the Vietnam War in the 1980s
Advisor: Kyle Longley 
Instructor, Arizona State University

Brianna Theobald
Dissertation: “The Simplest Rules of Motherhood”: Settler Colonialism and the Regulation of American Indian Reproduction, 1910-1976
Advisor: Susan Gray
Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in American Indian Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sabrina Thomas
Dissertation: The Value of Dust: Policy, Citizenship, and Vietnam’s Amerasian Children
Advisor: Kyle Longley
Assistant Professor, Wabash College


Jon Flashnick
Dissertation: "Blood is Thicker than Water": Anglo-American Rapprochement in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, 1823-1872
Advisor: Kyle Longley
Faculty, Glendale Community College

John Rosinbum
Dissertation: A Crisis Transformed: Refugees, Activists and Government Officials in the United States and Canada during the Central American Refugee Crisis
Advisors: Dirk Hoerder & Lynn Stoner
Adjunct Professor, Arizona State University & Teacher, BASIS Tucson North


Marco Antonio Cabrera Geserick
Dissertation: The Legacy of the Filibuster War: National Identity, Collective Memory, and Cultural Anti-Imperialism
Advisor: Lynn Stoner
Visiting Asst. Professor, Augustana College

Blake Jones
Dissertation: A Battle for Righteousness: Jimmy Carter and Religious Nationalism
Advisor: Kyle Longley
Assistant Professor, Ohio Valley University

Matthew Parry
Dissertation: From Monsters to Patients: A History of Disability
Advisor: Rachel Fuchs

Meaghan (Heisinger) Siekman
Dissertation: Weaving a New Shared Authority: The Akwesasne Museum and Community Collaboration Preserving Cultural Heritage, 1970-2012
Advisor: Don Fixico
Senior Researcher, New England Historic Genealogical Society


Cody Ferguson
Dissertation: `This is our land, we have the right to be heard': Community-based Environmental Activism in the Late Twentieth Century
Advisor: Paul Hirt
Assistant Professor, Our Lady of the Lake University, Texas

Benjamin J. Hruska
Dissertation: "Baptized by Saltwater": Acts of Remembrance and Commemoration Surrounding the USS Block Islands, CVE-21 & CVE-106
Advisor: Victoria Thompson
Teacher, Basis Mesa High School

Carol Palmer
Dissertation: Re-imagining Surprise: The Evolution of a Twenty-First Century Boomburb, 1938-2010
Advisor: Jannelle Warren-Findley
Historical Consultant, Portland, OR 

Kristin Youngbull
Dissertation: Brummett Echohawk: Chaticks-si-chaticks
Advisor: Donald Fixico and Peter Iverson
Adjunct Instructor, Utah Valley University

Scott Walker
Dissertation: Making the Desert Bloom: whites and Mexicans in the agricultural development of the Salt River Valley, 1867-1930
Advisor: Francisco Rosales


Dana Bennett
Dissertation: "Undismayed By Any Mere Man": Women Lawmakers and Tax Policy in Nevada, 1919-1956
Advisor: Susan Gray
Independent Public Historian

Patricia Biggs
Dissertation: Tangled Truths: The Power of Worldviews, Memories, and Material Interests in NAGPRA Disputes, 1990-2010
Advisor: Don Fixico
National Park Service

Judith Comer-Schultz
Dissertation: History and Historic Preservation in San Diego Since 1945: Civic Identity in America's Finest City
Advisor: Philip Vandermeer
Lecturer, Arizona State University

Jaimee Gruring 
Dissertation: Dirty Laundry: Public Hygiene and Public Space in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Advisor: Rachel Fuchs

Jill Horohoe
Dissertation: First Ladies as Modern Celebrities: Politics and the Press in Progressive Era America
Advisor: Gayle Gullett
Instructor, Arizona State University

Daniel Kiloren
Dissertation: American Indian Water Rights in Arizona: From Conflict to Settlement, 1950-2004
Advisor: Dirk Hoerder
Research Analyst, Salt River Project

Matthew Laubacher
Dissertation: Cultures of Collection in Late Nineteenth Century American Natural History
Advisor: Monica Green
Associate Professor & Head of History Department, Ashford University

Jedediah Rogers
Dissertation: Make Straight in the Desert a Highway: Ideology and Environmental Conflict on the Colorado Plateau
Advisor: Paul Hirt
Historian, History Research Associates, Inc.

William Stoutamire
Dissertation: Creating the Monuments: Exploiting, Owning, and Protecting the Past in Flagstaff, Arizona
Advisor: Janelle Warren-Findley
Director, Frank House Museum, University of Nebraska

Adam Tompkins
Dissertation: Ghostworkers and Greens: Collaborative Engagements in Pesticide Reform, 1962-2011
Advisor: Paul Hirt
Assistant Professor, Lakeland College, Japan


Brian Cassity
Dissertation: Health, sanitation, hygiene, and welfare: Public policy in the age of the Mexican Revolution
Advisor: Arturo Rosales
Associate Professor, Kapiolani Community College, Hawaii

Matthew Garrett
Dissertation: Mormons, Indians and Lamanites: The Indian Student Placement Program, 1947-2000
Advisor: Don Fixico
Assistant Professor, Bakersfield College, California 

Sarah Gerke
Dissertation: A History of National Park Service Interpretation at Grand Canyon National Park
Advisor: Paul Hirt
Project Manager, Wass Gerke and Associates

Clara Keyt
Dissertation: A place called home: Place, culture, and politics in three communities near Superfund sites
Advisor: Don Fixico
Instructor, Colorado State University

James McComb
Dissertation: “Foreign Affairs” on German affairs, 1922-1989
Advisor: Roger Adelson
Adjunct Faculty, Irvine Community College

Patricia Roeser
Dissertation: Bunker Hill Monument in memory and rhetoric
Advisor: Jannelle Warren-Findley
Records Administrator, Archdiocese of Corpus Christi, Texas

Stephanie Stegman
Dissertation: Taking control: Fifty years of diabetes in the American Southwest 1940-1990
Advisor: Monica Green
Adjunct Professor, Texas Wesleyan University


Elise Boxer
Dissertation: “To become white and delightsome:” American Indians and Mormon identity
Assistant Professor of History and American Indian Studies, University of South Dakota

Kara Carroll
Dissertation: Coming to grips with America: The Japanese American experience in the Southwest
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Instructor, Central New Mexico Community College

Michael Casavantes
Dissertation: Polishing the jewel: The “Arizona Republic” and the growth and development of Phoenix, 1920–1958
Advisor: Philip VanderMeer
Lecturer, Arizona State University

Elyssa Ford
Dissertation: Race, gender, and cultural identity in the American rodeo
Advisor: Matthew Whitaker
Assistant Professor, Northwest Missouri State University

Diana Meneses
Dissertation: “It is what holds us together as a people”: A history of the Ak -Chin Indian Community
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Independent Consultant/Ethnographer, SmartRevenue

Susan Schmid
Dissertation: Anne Boleyn, Lancelot de Carle, and the uses of documentary evidence
Advisor: Retha Warnick
Manuscript Editor

Tamrala Swafford
Dissertation: The gadu:gi spirit: Community development strategies among the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, 1934 to 1984
Advisor: Don Fixico
Instructor, American Military University


Mark Ashurst-McGee
Dissertation: Zion rising: Joseph Smith's early social and political thought
Historian, Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Michelle Benavides
Dissertation: Smokeless factories: The decentering of U.S. legal and moral boundaries by Mexico’s transnational divorce industry, 1923-1970
Advisor: Lynn Stoner

Patricia Blaine
Dissertation: “I had to come here for my family:” Mexican migrant deaths in the Arizona desert, 1990–2005
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Chair, Department of History & Philosophy, South Texas College

Monica Butler
Dissertation: Check your local listings: Indigenous representation in television
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Professor, Seminole State College of Florida

Shawn England
Dissertation: The curse of Huitzilopochtli: The origins, process, and legacy of Mexico's military reforms, 1920–1946
Advisors: Asuncion Lavrin & F. Arturo Rosales
Professor, Mount Royal University, Calgary

Bradley Gills
Dissertation: The Anishnabeg and the landscape of assimilation in Michigan, 1854–1934
Advisor: Susan Gray
Research, Tribal Claims, History Research Associates, Inc.

Richard S. Hopkins, Jr.
Dissertation: Engineering nature: Public greenspaces in nineteenth-century Paris
Advisor: Rachel Fuchs
Assistant Professor, Widener University

Stephanie Molholt
Dissertation: A buck well spent: Representations of American Indians in print advertising since 1890
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
History Faculty, Community College of Baltimore County

Azusa Ono
Dissertation: Crossroads of Indian country: Native American community in Denver, 1950–2005
Advisor: Don Fixico
Assistant Professor, Osaka University of Economics

Brock Ruggles
Dissertation: Not so quiet on the Western front: Punk politics during the conservative ascendancy in the United States, 1980–2000
Advisor: Kyle Longley
Instructor, Arizona State University

Tara Wood
Dissertation: “To the most godlye, virtuos, and mightye princes Elizabeth”: Identity and gender in the dedications to Elizabeth I
Advisor: Retha Warnicke
Assistant Professor, Ball State University


Bard Baukol
Dissertation: William Prynne and the politics of reaction
Advisor: Retha Warnicke
Faculty, University of North Dakota

Luisa Bonillas
Dissertation: Pushing for change: Women of color at Wellesley College, 1966–2001
Advisor: Janelle Warren-Findley
Adjunct Professor, Mesa Community College

Ute Chamberlin
Dissertation: Coal, beer, and steel: Women in a manly city, Dortmund 1860s to 1914
Advisor: Rachel Fuchs
Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University

Virginia Espino
Dissertation: Women sterilized as they give birth: Population control, eugenics, and social protest in the twentieth-century United States
Advisors: Vicki Ruiz & Noel Stowe
Oral Historian, University of California, Los Angeles

Patricia Harms
Dissertation: Imagining a place for themselves: The social and political roles of Guatemalan women, 1871–1954
Advisor: Asuncion Lavrin
Assistant Professor, Brandon University, Canada

Nancy Hill
Dissertation: The imprint of cotton production on Arizona landscapes
Advisor: Janelle Warren-Findley
Convener, Culture, Community and Education Concentration, Doctoral Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Matthew Makley
Dissertation: “These will be strong”: A history of the Washoe people
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Eric Meringer
Dissertation: Miskitu takaia: Miskito identity and transformation, 1600–1979
Advisor: Lynn Stoner
Assistant Professor, Fredonia State University of New York

R. Eric Nedergaard
Dissertation: Duty, honor, country, and race: The failure of desegregation at West Point in the nineteenth century
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
Advanced Instructor Pilot, Aviation Performance Solutions

Debra Neill
Dissertation: Jasenovac and memory: Reconstructing identity in post-war Yugoslavia
Advisor: Stephen Batalden
Instructor, Arizona State University

James Precht
Dissertation: “The lost tribe wanders no more”: Indian gaming and the emergence of Coushatta self-determination
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, Penn State Fayette

Joel Satterlee
Dissertation: Olaus Petri, Gustav Vasa and the early Swedish Reformation
Advisors: Andrew Barnes & Philip Soergel
Associate Faculty, University of Phoenix

Scott Stratton
Dissertation: The end of aviation's honeymoon and “the world's greatest air race”: The new age of airmindedness and the 1934 MacRobertson air competition
Advisor: Noel Stowe
History Instructor, Washington State University (deceased)

Tara Travis
Dissertation: Continuity and change in the Navajo community of Canyons del Muerto and de Chelly
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Museum Curator, Mesa Verde National Park


AnCita Benally
Dissertation: Diné binahat'á', Navajo government
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Program Manager, Navajo Nation Department of Dine Education

Brian Collier
Dissertation: St. Catherine Indian School, Santa Fe, 1887–2006: Catholic Indian education in New Mexico
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Faculty, University of Notre Dame

David Dean
Dissertation: Soldiers and scientists: The politics of exploring the American West, 1803–1879
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
Faculty, Grand Canyon University 

Rosemary Diaz
Dissertation: El senador, Dennis Chávez: New Mexico native son, American senior statesman, 1888–1962
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Owner/Consultant, Origins & Legacies Historical Services

Jason Gart
Dissertation: Electronics and aerospace industry in Cold War Arizona, 1945–1968: Motorola, Hughes Aircraft, Goodyear Aircraft
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Senior Historian, History Associates, Inc.

Melody Miyamoto
Dissertation: No home for domesticity? Gender and society on the overland trails
Advisor: Susan Gray
Professor, Collin College

Laura Munoz
Dissertation: Desert dreams: Mexican American *education in Arizona, 1870–1930
Advisors: Vicki Ruiz & Gayle Gullett
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M

Francinne Valcour
Dissertation: Manipulating the messenger: Wonder Woman as an American female icon
Advisor: Gayle Gullett & Vicki Ruiz
Coordinator of Academic Services, Community College of Vermont


Laurie Arnold
Dissertation: The paradox of a house divided: The Colville tribes and termination
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Faculty, Columbia Southern University

Michele Curran
Dissertation: United States Board on Geographic Names: The impact of controversy, 1890--present
Advisor: Mary L. Rothschild
Architectural Historian, Midwestern Regional Office, Omaha, National Park Service

Karin Enloe
Dissertation: Willie, Waylon, Buck and Merle: Nashville outlaws and the American West
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Instructor, Arizona State University

Christine Marin
Dissertation: Always a struggle: Mexican Americans in Miami, Arizona, 1909–1951
Advisor: Edward Escobar
Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University

Scott Stabler
Dissertation: Race, reaction, policy and perception: A tri -cultural study of postbellum America through the life of General O. O. Howard
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University


Alton Carroll
Dissertation: Medicine bags and dog tags: How the military influenced American Indian traditions and how the image of Indians influenced the military
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, Northern Virginia Community College 

Julie Davis
Dissertation: American Indian Movement survival schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1968–2002
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Associate Professor, St. Johns University

Gilbert Ramirez Gonzales
Dissertation: Strategy and stopes: Mines, management, and community in Superior and Jerome, Arizona, 1900–1955
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Chief Information Officer, University of New Mexico

Katherine Rolison
Dissertation: The Cherokee Nation from Indian Territory to statehood and the impact of allotment: One family's story
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Lecturer, California State University, San Marcos

Elizabeth Sowards
Dissertation: Outdoor living: Suburban landscapes, sense of place, and environmentalism in the American West
Advisor: Peter Iverson & Steve Pyne
Office of Assessment and Learning, Washington State University


Melissa Bingmann
Dissertation: Prep school cowboys: The education of the elite at Western ranch schools
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Director of Public History, Associate Professor, West Virginia University

Todd Bostwick
Dissertation: Revisiting the dean: Byron Cummings and southwestern archaeology, 1893–1954
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Director of Archaeology, Verde Valley Archaeology Center

Eve Carr
Dissertation: Missionaries and motherhood: Sixty-six years of public health work in South El Paso
Advisor: Rachel Fuchs & Vicki Ruiz
Independent Research Consultant

Sharon Firestone
Dissertation: To plant with women: Women's lives in Savage Cove, Newfoundland
Advisors: Mary Rothschild
Librarian, Arizona State University (deceased)

Andrew Fisher
Dissertation: People of the river: A history of the Columbia River Indians, 1855–1945
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Associate Professor, William & Mary University

Tonia Horton
Dissertation: Indian lands, American landscapes: Toward a genealogy of place in national parks
Advisor: Robert Trennert
Historian & Landscape Architect, National Park Service Headquarters

Michael Lawson
Dissertation: Baskets, pots, and prayer plumes: The *Southwest ethnographic collections of the Smithsonian Institution
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Instructor, University of New Mexico 

Jeffrey Pappas
Dissertation: Forest scholars: The early history of nature guiding at Yosemite National Park, 1913–1925
Advisor: Janelle Warren-Findley
Instructor & State Historic Preservation Officer, University of New Mexico and Government Administration

Andrew Russell
Dissertation: American dreams derailed: Japanese railroad and mine communities of the Interior West
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Instructor, Central New Mexico Community College

Stephen Sloan
Dissertation: Negotiating a sense of place in the Salt River Valley: Urbanites and the desert
Advisor: Noel Stowe
Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Oral History, Baylor University

Mary Ann Villarreal
Dissertation: Cantantes y cantineras: Mexican American communities and the mapping of public space
Advisor: Noel Stowe & Vicki Ruiz
Director, Strategic Initiatives & University Projects, California State University, Fullerton

Scott White
Dissertation: A history of the Poncas in Nebraska: A struggle for survival
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Instructor, Scottsdale Community College


Stephen Amerman
Dissertation: Making an Indian place in urban schools: Native Americans and education in Phoenix, 1941–1984
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor of History, Southern Connecticut State University

William Carter
Dissertation: Indian alliances in the Southwest, 1300–1706
Advisor: Asuncion Lavrin
Instructor, South Texas College

John D’Oney
Dissertation: A history of the Houma Nation, 1682-2002
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, Albany College of Pharmacy

Leah Glaser
Dissertation: Rural electrification in multiethnic Arizona : a study of power, urbanization and change
Advisor: Janelle Warren-Findley
Faculty, Quinnipiac University

Tim Hodgdon
Dissertation: Manhood in the age of Aquarius: Masculinity in two countercultural communities, 1965–1983
Advisor: Vicki Ruiz
Reading Room Supervisor & Reference Associate, University of North Carolina

Andrew Honker
Dissertation: A river sometimes runs through it: A history of Salt River flooding and Phoenix
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Academic Advisor, Arizona State University

Kathleen Howard
Dissertation: Creating an enchanted land: Curio entrepreneurs promote and sell the Indian Southwest, 1880–1940
Advisor: Robert Trennert
Senior Historian, Historical Perspectives & Research Associate, Heard Museum (Phoenix, AZ)

Elizabeth James
Dissertation: Forging an indigenous future: The Nez Perces, 1893–1934
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Associate Professor, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Richard Kitchen
Dissertation: Mormon-Indian relations in Deseret: Intermarriage and indenture, 1847 to 1877
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor of History, New Mexico Military Institute

Maura Mackowski
Dissertation: Human factors: Aerospace medicine and the origins of manned space flight in the United States
Advisor: Jannelle Warren-Findley & Steve Pyne

Robin Robinson
Dissertation: Vice and tourism on the United States-Mexico border: A comparison of three communities in the era of U.S. prohibition
Advisor: Arturo Rosales
Adjunct Professor of History and Reference Librarian, Austin Community College

Jeffrey Shepherd
Dissertation: Building an American Indian community: The Hualapai Nation in the twentieth century
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at El Paso


Rebecca Bales
Dissertation: “You will be bravest of all”: The Modoc nation to 1909
Advisor: Albert Hurtado
Assistant Professor, Diablo Valley College

Carol Behl
Dissertation: Changing paces: Navajos in Flagstaff, 1930–1970
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Director of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University

Myla Vicenti Carpio
Dissertation: “Let them know we still exist”: Indians in Albuquerque
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies, Arizona State University

Agnes Kefeli-Clay
Dissertation: Kräshen apostasy: Popular religion, education, and the contest over Tatar identity (1856–1917)
Advisor: Stephen Batalden
Lecturer, Arizona State University

Tracy Leavelle
Dissertation: Religion, encounter, and community in French and Indian North America
Advisor: Peter Iverson & Rachel Fuchs
Assistant Professor, Creighton University 

Penelope Moon
Dissertation: “We have got to lead them in the ways of peace”: The Catholic Peace Fellowship in the Vietnam era
Advisor: Kyle Longley
Director of Online Graduate Programs and Associate Clinical Professor, Arizona State University

Heidi Osselaer
Dissertation: “A woman for a woman's job”: Arizona women in politics, 1900–1950
Advisor: Philip Vandermeer

W. Douglas Seefeldt
Dissertation: Constructing western pasts: Place and public memory in the twentieth -century American West
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska

Adam Sowards
Dissertation: “He's a natural”: Justice William O. Douglas and the American *environmental tradition
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Professor, University of Idaho

Melanie Sturgeon
Dissertation: Social scientists and the National Research Project: A study of technological displacement, 1935–1944
Advisor: Brian Gratton
Director of the Division of History, Arizona State Archives

Bruce Zachary
Dissertation: A nascent federalism: Federal urban relations, public housing, Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California, 1933–1949
Advisor: Bradford Luckingham
Training Professional & Executive Language Coach, Bertelsmann SE & Co.


Jaime Aguila
Dissertation: Protecting ‘México de Afuera’: Mexican emigration *policy, 1876–1928
Advisor: Arturo Rosales
Assistant Professor of History, Arizona State University

Maria Flores
Dissertation: The good life the hard way: The Mexican American community of Fort Stockton, Texas, 1930–1945
Advisor: Vicki Ruiz
Professor, Our Lady of the Lake University

Melissa Jones
Dissertation: Augustine in Russia
Advisor: Stephen Batalden
Managing Editor, American Journal of Critical Care

Peg Lamphier
Dissertation: Kate Chase and William Sprague: Politics and gender in a Civil War marriage
Advisor: Brooks Simpson
Lecturer, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Jaakko Puisto
Dissertation: “This is my reservation, I belong here”: The Salish Kootenai struggle against termination
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Lecturer, California State University, Stanislaus

Mara Rutten
Dissertation: The Sequoyah statehood movement and the Indian fight for sovereignty
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Intelligence Analyst, FBI

David A. Wolff
Dissertation: The Western coal industry in the era of expansion, 1868 to 1913
Advisor: Peter Iverson
Associate Professor of History, Black Hills State University


Jaemin Jung
Wonkwang University  (South Korea) (Tenure Track) 


Thomas Vierra

Cecilea Mun
Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College, Maryland


Danielle Fundora
Rock Valley College (Tenure Track)

Alexander Novack
Owner, Underground Plan

Jeff Watson
Lecturer in Philosophy, ASU (Tempe)


Jenni Ernst 
Transfer to Philosophy PHD program at Ohio State University

Scott Scheal
Instructor, ASU Downtown Campus (2015-2016), Postdoc George Mason University (2014-2015), Postdoc Duke University (HOPE Institute, 2013-2014)

Zachary Goldberg
Postdoc Regensburg University (Germany)

Mayra Valdez
Dona Ana Community College of New Mexico State University (Tenure Track)

Valerye Milleson
Postdoc Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, ASU


Gerald Marsh
Western Washington University - Instructor of Philosophy

Andrew Khoury
Instructor, ASU Tempe Campus (2015-2016), Fellowship in the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics.

Parker Crutchfield
Assistant Professor in Medical Ethics, Humanities, and Law at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine


Christopher Burell
Instructor, ASU (Downtown)

Shawn Klein
Instructor, ASU (Tempe)

Michelle Saint
Western Washington University - Visiting Assistant Professor (2011-12); Rollins College, Visiting Lecturer (2010-11); Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Duluth (Tenure Track)


Aaron Rizzieri
CUNY, LaGuardia, Assistant Professor

Shyam Nair
Transfer to Philosophy PhD program at USC


Matthew Cooper 
South Mountain Community College - Philosophy Faculty

Joseph Kim
Kirisuto Seisho Shingakkou, Nagoya, Japan (Christ Bible Seminary) - Executive V.P.

Sandra Woien
Regis University - Instructor and Arizona State University, Faculty Associate


Stephen Dilley
St. Edwards University, Assistant Professor

Teresa Laszlo
Estrella Mountain Community College, Lecturer

Chong Ho Yu
ASU (Sky Song), Systems Analyst

Heidi Speck
Princess Noura bint Abdul-Rahman University, Director of English Language Dept.


Owen Anderson
ASU (West), Assistant Professor

Loren Cannon
Humboldt State University, Philosophy Faculty Member


Michael Valle
Scottsdale Community College, Philosophy Faculty


Elaine Yoshikawa
ASU (East), Lecturer


David S. Walsh
Dissertation: Ticho Dene Foodways: Hunters, Animals, and Ancestors
Advisor: Miguel Aguilera
Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College


Ann Wertman 
Dissertation: Polygamy, Prop 8, and the Peculiar People: Sexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Advisor: Tracy Fessenden
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Northern Virginia Community College

Darren Kleinberg
Dissertation: Hybrid Judaism: Irving Greenberg and the Encounter with American Jewish Identity
Advisor: Joel Gereboff
Head of School, Kehillah Jewish High School, Palo Alto, CA


Seth Schermerhorn
Dissertation: Walking to Magdalena: Place and Person in Tohono O'odham Songs, Sticks, and Stories
Advisor: Tod Swanson
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Religious Studies, Hamilton College 

Mariam Cohen
Dissertation: Converts and Controversies -- Becoming an American Jew
Advisor: Joel Gereboff
Psychiatrist, Private Practice

Richard Bennett Furlow
Dissertation: The Spectre of Colony: Colonialism, Islamism, and State in Somalia
Advisor: Abdullahi Gallab
Adjunct Faculty, Phoenix College, Maricopa Community College System

Semiha Topal
Dissertation: Building a Pious Self in Secular Settings: Pious Women in Modern Turkey
Advisor: Shahla Talebi
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Sociology, Fatih University (Istanbul, Turkey)


Brandon Cleworth
Dissertation: Ambivalent Blood: Religion, AIDS, and American Culture
Advisor: Tracy Fessenden
Faculty (Tenured), Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Glendale Community College

Seth Clippard
Dissertation: Protecting the Spiritual Environment: Rhetoric and Chinese Buddhist Environment
Advisor: Huaiyu Chen
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Applied English, and Director, Language Center, Hung Kuang University (Taichung City, Taiwan)

Doe N. Daughtrey
Dissertation: Mormonism and the New Spirituality: LDS Women's Hybrid Spiritualities
Advisor: Linell Cady
Instructor, Religious Studies, SHPRS, Arizona State University

Samsul Maarif
Dissertation: Dimensions of Religious Practice: The Ammatoans of Sulawesi, Indonesia
Advisor: Christopher R. Duncan
Academic Coordinator and Lecturer at the Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Brooke Schedneck
Dissertation: Constructing Religious Modernities : Hybridity, Reinterpretation, and Adaptation
Advisor: Juliane Schober
Lecturer, Buddhist Studies, Institute of Southeast Asian Affairs, University of Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Konden Smith
Dissertation: Mormons and the World’s Fair 1893: A Study of Religious and Cultural Agency and Transformation
Advisor: Moses Moore
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and the Burns Faculty Fellow for 2014-2015, Religious Studies Program, University of Arizona


Brett Lewis
Dissertation: The Impact of Religious Studies Courses: Measuring Change in Undergraduate Attitudes
Advisor: Joel Gereboff
Instructor, Department of Theology, Loyola University of Chicago


Brett Benjamin Hendrickson
Dissertation: Healing Borders: Transcultural Expressions of Mexican-American Folk Healing
Advisor: Tracy Fessenden
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Religious Studies, Lafayette College

Eiji Suhara
Dissertation: Embodying the Pure Land : A Multidimensional Analysis of Honen's Nembutsu Practice
Advisor: James Foard
Visiting Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies, University of Arizona

Elizabeth M. Ursic
Dissertation: Ritualizing Christ Sophia
Advisor:  Linell Cady
Professor (Tenured), Religious Studies, Mesa Community College


Jeffry R. Halverson
Dissertation: Theology and Creed in Sunnī Islam: Kalām, Islamism, and the Postulates of Political Sunnism
Advisors: Mark Woodward and Souad Ali
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Coastal Carolina University