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Alumni Spotlight

Jeremy Vinson, 2013

Jeremy Scott Vinson graduated from SHPRS in 2013 with his bachelor’s degree in religious studies. While he was a student, he was the recipient of the 2012 Norton and Ramsey Scholarship to study in Israel and was also esteemed as the 2013 Outstanding Religious Studies Graduate of the Year. 

His interest in researching religion developed from an early age, but after the passing of his mother in 2011, he dove into his studies when his mores, ideologies and systems of faith fell short of meeting his deepest emotional needs.

“Being an only child raised in a mystical Christian household enabled me to see and experience an intense kind of spirituality that was sometimes violent, sometimes ambiguous, but always right and terrifyingly alluring,” said Vinson. “I sought to study religion as a more hands-on way of understanding the human condition, my human condition in relationship to God and the significance of life and death.”

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