Teaching Genocide Comparatively

Date & Time: Monday, October 18, 2021, 4:00 p.m.  
Location: Coor Hall 4403 & Online

Background image shows a man and woman in black and white and the foreground are the images of the three speakers for the event

Holocaust education, and genocide education more broadly, is an area in which humanities scholars and scholarship can make important contributions to civic education. While many US states include the Holocaust and other genocides in their history and social studies standards, there are relatively few resources for high school teachers to teach these atrocities in a way that is sensitive to the historical particularities of each genocide and provides their students with a meaningful comparative framework. In this event, we will briefly introduce a framework that we developed from an eight-year interdisciplinary collaboration on genocide, including a short curricular framework for the comparative study of genocide in public secondary schools. We will have a short presentation from Sheryl Bronkesh, who has worked for years to mandate Holocaust education standards within Arizona, and conclude with two short presentations from student-teachers.


Jason Bruner, Associate Professor of Religious Studies 
Volker Benkert, Assistant Professor of History
Sheryl Bronkesh, President of the Phoenix Holocaust Association

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