Moving from Collecting to Interpreting and Analyzing Covid-19 Oral Histories

Date & Time: November 5, 2020, 1 PM - 2:30 PM MST
Location: Online

Photo of a painting of Rosie the Riviter with a mask on and a tattoo that says "nurse"

This workshop builds off the Oral History Association 2020 panel "Telling COVID's Stories: Implications for the Field," which will be open to the public and held online on Wed. Oct. 21 from 3:30–5 p.m. EST and Jason M. Kelly's September 2020 article in OHR titled "The COVID-19 Oral History Project: Some Preliminary Notes from the Field" where he discusses the challenges of the Covid-19 Oral History Project launched by IUPUI in April 2020. The Covid-19 Oral History Project has partnered with JOTPY to make Covid-19 oral histories available to the public. In this workshop, academics and oral historians will discuss the process of interpreting and analyzing Covid-19 Oral Histories after collection.  

Speaker Panel:

  • Jason M. Kelly, PhD, Director of the Covid-19 Oral History Project at Indiana University-Purdue University: Indianapolis
  • Stephen Sloan, PhD, Director of Baylor University's Oral History Institute
  • Carmen Coury, PhD, Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut State University and oral historian of Latin America 
  • Doug Boyd, PhD, Director of Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries
  • Denise Milstein, PhD, Environmental Sociologist at Columbia University and Co-Director of the NYC COVID-19 Oral History, Narrative and Memory Archive
  • Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, PhD, Director of the VOCES Oral History Center 
  • Jackie Pedota, M.Ed., UT Austin doctoral student working on VOCES of a Pandemic Oral History Mini-Project