Producing 'Urban Trinity: The Story of Catholic Philadelphia'

Date and Time: March 29, 2017 - 5:00am to 6:30am
Location: Memorial Union, Gila room 224, Tempe campus
Campus: Tempe campus
Price: Free

Urban Trinity, lecture with Kate Oxx

Katie Oxx, producer and senior historian of the documentary film "Urban Trinity: The Story of Catholic Philadelphia," and associate professor of religious studies at Saint Joseph's University, will discuss her work with History Making Productions, a Philadelphia-based company that uses video, television, the internet, smart phone apps, crowd sourcing, social and other media with the aim of reaching the largest audience possible. They are also committed to having the highest entertainment, historical and pedagogical value. Oxx will address different and larger audiences while still heeding to the conventions of academic disciplines based on her experiences. She will also address both the risks and rewards for scholars who translate their work into these varied media.About the Speaker:Katie Oxx is the associate professor of religious studies at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She specializes in American religious history and Philidelphia religious history. Oxx served as producer and senior historian for "Urban Trinity: The Story of Catholic Philadelphia," a multi-year film documentary project. Her publications include “Inbetween the Living and the Dead: Using GIS to Map Ghosts in the Historical Philadelphia Landscape,” "Nativism in American History: Religious Conflict in the 19th Century," “Envisioning Deep Maps: Exploring the Spatial Navigation Metaphor” and “‘Sprung Forth as if by Magic:’ Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church as Model for a Spatial Analysis of Mid Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia.” At Saint Joseph's, she teaches religion and race in Philadelphia” and a variety of courses in the history of Christianity and Catholicism.

Department: School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
Contact: Aderyn Bright