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The history faculty offers undergraduate training in four primary fields and graduate training in five primary fields. In addition, there are active clusters of faculty working in certain special or research areas, some of which cross geographic field boundaries.


Aviña, Alexander (Assoc Professor) - Social Movements and State Violence in 20th century Mexico and Guerrero; Capitalism, Drugs, and Drug Wars; Cold War Latin America; the Left in Modern Mexico and Latin America; Sports in Latin America

Barnes, Andrew (Professor) - Christianity, Christian Missions, African History, Europe

Cichopek-Gajraj, Anna (Assoc Professor) - Modern East European Jewish history, Holocaust and post-Holocaust studies, modern history of Poland, history of antisemitism and anti-Jewish violence, comparative and social studies, theories of ethnicity, nationalism, identity, and belonging

Critchlow, Donald (Professor) - Modern American political and policy history, particularly in how actors perceive the world and act on their perceptions

Davis, T.J. (Professor) – United States Constitutional and legal history; race and identity; civil rights; employment and property law; African American history

El Hamel, Chouki (Professor) -  The intellectual history of Islam and Islamic institutions in Northwest and West Africa

Fixico, Donald (Professor) - American Indians, oral history and the U.S. West

Gray, Susan (Assoc Professor) -  Colonialism, the interplay of place, race, and gender, North American borderlands

Green, Monica (Professor) - The Global History of Health and Medieval European History, particularly the history of medicine and the history of gender

Harris, Lauren (Assoc Professor) - History education and world history 

Hirt, Paul (Professor) - The American West, global environmental history, environmental policy, and sustainability

Holian, Anna (Assoc Professor)   - Late modern Europe; migration and displacement; architecture and urban history; film studies

Jones, Christopher (Assoc Professor) – Energy, economics, and environmental history, sustainability, history of technology

Manchester, Laurie (Assoc Professor) - Russia, diaspora culture, return migration, autobiographical practices, religion

Lim, Julian (Asst Professor) – Migration and borders; race, ethnicity and culture; mobility and belonging

Moore, Aaron (Assoc Professor) – Japanese and East Asian history; history of technology; war and empire; Cold War

O'Donnell, Catherine (Assoc Professor) - Early American history; culture and religion; American political thought

Osburn, Katherine (Assoc Professor) - American Indian ethnohistory; gender, race, identity and political activism; cultural ecology

Rush, James (Professor) - Colonialism and religion in 19th and 20th century Indonesia

Saikia, Yasmin (Professor) - South Asia, Muslim identity and history, gender and violence, memory, children's history of the present

Samuelson, Hava (Professor) – Jewish intellectual history, feminism and Jewish philosophy; religion and ecology; religion, science, and technology

Schermerhorn, J. Calvin (Professor) - 19th-Century African American history, capitalism and slavery, the Atlantic World

Tebeau, Mark (Assoc Professor) - US urban and social history, landscape, and place, oral history, public history, digital humanities

Thompson, Victoria (Assoc Professor) - history of urban space, travel and travel writing, and the history of women, gender and sexuality