Religious Studies

Religious Studies explores religion in its myriad forms, expressions, and impacts on the human condition. We recognize that religion is not merely a matter of individual belief: it is deeply intertwined with human knowledge, cultural tradition, societal practice, and political context.

We approach diverse religions around the globe in their particularity. We realize that the very definition of what today we call religion varies not only from culture to culture, and across time and space, but is still being actively reimagined and reinvented. At the same time, we recognize that in a globalized, post-colonial world, modern notions of religion often override and obscure this variety.

By closely observing how religion is linked with knowledge, memory, language, art, gender, sexuality, perceptions of the body, social norms, political ideas, power relations, ethics, violence, peace, public life, globalization, and media we can see that the modern separation of religion from secular life—far from being universally valid—is itself a peculiar cultural development worthy of investigation.