2019-2020 Graduate Directors

Mark Tebeau, fall 2019 & Victoria Thompson, spring 2020, Associate Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS)
Shahla Talebi, DGS Religious Studies
Aaron Moore, DGS History 
Doug Portmore, DGS Philosophy

Graduate Coordinators

Mark Barrios, Graduate Program Student Services Support Coordinator - MA & PhD Tempe Programs: (480) 727-7114 / Mark.Barrios@asu.edu
Roxanne Shand, Academic Success Coordinator - Online MA History Program: (480) 965-5837 / roxanne.shand@asu.edu 
Kathy O’Malley, Academic Success Specialist - Online World War II Studies, MA: (480) 727-2179 / Kathy.OMalley@asu.edu

Graduate College Policies & Procedures

The Graduate College lists policies and procedures by which SHPRS and its students must abide on their website
For questions about graduate policies, please contact your Graduate Coordinator.

Comprehensive/Qualifying Examinations and Defenses

Each program has distinct procedures for administering exams and defenses. For information on examinations and defenses, please review the appropriate program handbook and/or contact Graduate Coordinator Mark Barrios.