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Learn critical thinking, complex problem solving and excellent communication skills essential in today's job market.

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When you choose to study at the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University, you’ll be in good company with scholars who share your interests, faculty who interact on a personal level and academic advisors who help you navigate through college life. We’re here to make sure you have the best college experience imaginable.

You’ll be immersed in a collaborative environment that encourages curious inquiry and problem solving, enabling you to reach your fullest potential. Our school strives to create leaders who will represent our changing world. We also seek talented faculty members who will guide you on your quest for knowledge and discovery.

As a student in our school, you’ll learn how to write clearly, craft effective arguments and communicate your ideas fervently. You’ll discover how to raise critical questions and formulate reasonable strategies to address them. Our rigorous courses will teach you how to read, comprehend and summarize conceptually difficult material. The skills you acquire – like knowing how to ask the right questions, evaluate evidence, form arguments and present analysis – will be highly valuable in any career venture.

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Notable history, philosophy and religious studies majors:
Thomas Jefferson, philosophy major
Christy Turlington, religious studies major
Steve Carell, history major
Ethan Coen, philosophy major
David Foster Wallace, philosophy major
Conan O’Brien, history major
Bruce Lee, philosophy major
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, history major
George Stephanopoulos, religious studies
Martin Luther King, Jr., philosophy major
Elie Wiesel, philosophy major
George Soros, philosophy major

What can you do with a SHPRS degree?

Delve into our school's history

In 2008, we merged the departments of history, philosophy and religious studies to become an official school under the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We’re one of the largest humanities-based, transdisciplinary schools at the university with a focus on excellent education and innovative research. As we continue to grow, we’ll expand our degree offerings and discover ways to intersect our fields in research to answer vital questions about our past, present and future. 


Historians are insatiably curious – a curiosity that answers questions about the past. They go straight to the source to gather evidence. Then, after thoughtful analysis, they re-tell the story in a context that makes sense to their audience. 

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Philosophy majors enjoy thinking abstractly and considering the merits of different conceptual frameworks. They are enjoy developing their own view and persuading others to share it. Studying philosophy trains one to be a better, clearer thinker.

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Religious Studies

Religious studies examine the forces that bind a group, their values and rituals, and how they answer to life’s greatest mysteries. You’ll study how whole cultures, past and present, have imagined the universe and how they live in it.  

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We believe smaller is better

Although our school is as large as some universities, we operate like a small school by ASU standards. Our faculty will get to know you on a personal level and you’ll have countless opportunities to engage with them on meaningful research projects. Both our faculty members and academic advisors will ensure you get the most out of your education in a warm and welcoming environment. Browse some of the opportunities available to help you go above and beyond the classroom setting to enrich your education. 

Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to earn credits while gaining a global perspective and practical experience. More than 80% of our students who studied abroad agree that living abroad is an education in itself which helped them build essential skills for work and life.


Ask your advisor about an internship. You will gain real-life experience and be ready to compete in today’s highly competitive workforce – all while receiving academic credit. It is a great way to complement your education and enhance your resume while test driving a career field.

Get involved!

There are countless opportunities to get involved at our school, from volunteering at Homecoming, to researching with a professor, to applying for one of our scholarships, to joining any of the projects at our Applied Humanities Lab. Just ask your advisor how you can get involved!

SHPRS by the numbers


classes were taught at SHPRS last year to a growing student body of immersion and online students


majors across ASU complemented their education with classes in history, philosophy and religious studies


students from all over ASU found their way to classes in our school, and now they understand the world better because of it

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