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Islamic Studies Certificate Requirements

Students must complete a minimum total of 26 credit hours, chosen in consultation with the Islamic Studies program coordinator. A minimum grade of "C" (2.00) is required in each course. To earn the certificate, students must complete these requirements:

  1. Eight credit hours of a major “Islamic” language. “Islamic” language refers to the language of countries or regions predominantly Muslim and where a significant body of Islamic literature was written. It could be elementary or intermediary Arabic, Farsi (Tajik), Indonesian, Turkish or any Turkic Central Asian language, Urdu or another language approved by the program coordinator. Students who are native speakers of these languages or who otherwise have equivalent knowledge may substitute eight additional credit hours from the electives approved by the program coordinator in lieu of an “Islamic” language. Or they may also choose to take a different “Islamic” language. 
  2. Nine credit hours from REL 260 (Introduction to Islam), REL 365 (Islamic Civilization), and REL 366 (Islam in the Modern World.) They are usually offered once or twice a year.
  3. Nine elective credit hours in courses that deal with Islam and/or Islamic studies in at least TWO different geographical areas: (1) Africa and Middle East; (2) America and Europe; (3) Asia (Central Asia, China, South Asia, and South East Asia). 
  4. At least 12 hours of the 26 credit hours taken for the certificate must be upper division 

For list of Spring 2020 semester courses, click here

If you are interested, contact:
Dr. Agnes Kefeli, kefeli@asu.edu, COOR 6628
Islamic Studies Certificate Coordinator