ASU has a unique doctoral program in Practical and Applied Philosophy. Applied philosophy includes both the application of theories developed within any of the subdisciplines of philosophy to everyday problems or phenomena and the application of research produced by methods used in other disciplines in order to understand and address philosophical questions. The faculty below are applied philosophers at ASU.

Cheshire Calhoun, Professor of Philosophy: meaningful living, contentment, hope, boredom

Peter de Marneffe, Professor of Philosophy: philosophy of law

Tyler DesRoches, Assistant Professor of Philosophy: environmental

Andrew Khoury, Philosophy Lecturer: individual and collective moral responsibility (example), criminal punishment (example)

Shawn Klein, Philosophy Lecturer: sports ethics; business ethics; philosophy of sport/games/play

Joan McGregor, Professor of Philosophy: food justice and food sustainability, bioethics, environmental ethics, philosophy of law

Ben Phillips, Assistant Professor of Philosophy: developmental psychology, animal cognition

Angel Pinillos, Associate Professor of Philosophy: experimental philosophy

Doug Portmore, Professor of Philosophy: effective altruism and collective action problems involving such things as voting, climate change, and factory farming

Maura Priest, Assistant Professor of Philosophy: medical ethics, children's rights, intellectual ethics, character traits, collective action

Steven Reynolds, Professor of Philosophy: function first epistemology