Annual Southeast Conference of Applied Philosophy- Philosophy in Urgent Times

Annual Conference and Other Events, Society for Applied Philosophy          


Journal of Applied Philosophy

International Journal of Applied Philosophy

The Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy


Doctoral Program (Practical and Applied), Arizona State University

Doctoral Program, Bowling Green State University

Center for Applied Philosophy of Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences 

Major, Simpson College

MA, Applied Philosophy and Ethics, Texas State University

Bachelor’s Degree, University of Agder

Ethics and Applied Philosophy MA, UNC Charlotte


Society for Applied Philosophy


This short video from YouTube provides a concise definition of Applied Ethics as a division of philosophy.

This video provides a real-life example of how philosophy can be applied in the medical care field.


An article in Philosopher’s Magazine by a Wayne State University professor which provides some insights on how philosophy is applied in the real world.

Special thanks to SHPRS undergraduate students Christopher Horvath and Nathanael Pierce for compiling this list of resources.