ASU has a unique doctoral program in Practical and Applied Philosophy. Applied philosophy includes both the application of theories developed within any of the subdisciplines of philosophy to everyday problems or phenomena and the application of research produced by methods used in other disciplines in order to understand and address philosophical questions. Read the blog and interviews for more!

Philosopher Interviews How do different philosophers address questions? Who is their inspiration? What are they currently researching? Find out the answers to these questions and more through interviews of philosophers. Click here for interviews. 

Ask an Applied Philosopher  Have a burning question about bioethics, philosophy of sex and love, sports ethics, environmental ethics, the ethics of voting, or animal rights? About consciousness and AI – or consciousness and higher primates? About who gets counted as an expert and why?  If you have a question in applied philosophy, email and each month we will feature an answer written by a philosophy professor or graduate student. Click here for questions and answers. 

Applied Philosophy Blog Students and faculty studying applied philosophy tackle philosophical questions, modern-day dilemmas and more through this blog series. Click here for blog posts.